3 Dry Skin Season Necessities

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Does anyone else reach that moment in early fall when all of a sudden their skin starts to realize, we’re not in summer anymore?

I reached that point on Saturday. I found myself reaching for these items (more than once) and the inspiration for this post struck!

Behold my tried and true products for eliminating that icky dry skin feeling:


1. Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil by Sally Hansen – Ever since I learned of the manicure-preserving powers of cuticle oil, I try to always have some on hand. (Pun intended. ;))There are plenty of fancy brands I’m sure that make something similar, but I love this bottle by Sally Hansen because I can just pick it up at CVS for 6 bucks, and the little wand makes for quick and easy application. I have used cuticle cream before, but for some reason sticking my hand into a jar and smoothing around each cuticle seems like a lot of work. #FirstWorldProblems.

With this little wand, I just swipe it across my cuticles on both my hands and feet, and then carry on with whatever I’m doing. After a few minutes I usually rub it in a little better or fully wipe my fingers off so I don’t leave an oily stain on everything I touch. Be careful to not use it when you’re about to put on a silk blouse for instance. But it is great to leave on your nightstand to apply just before bed, or on your vanity to apply before you do your makeup, etc. Highly recommend! And yes, your nail polish chips quicker when your nail beds are dry. So make sure to use every day right after you’ve gotten a manicure and you’ll be amazed at how much longer your nails last before chipping.

Price: Between $5-7

The Downside: There isn’t one! Just be careful not to touch any delicate fabrics when it’s been freshly applied to your nails. But I’ve been using this for years and never damaged anything.

Available at: Amazon, CVS, Target + more


2. Confidence In A Cream by IT Cosmetics – Ok, I thought I had tried a lot of super moisturizing facial creams before. Moisturizing serums, eye creams, gels, etc. – you name it, I’ve probably tried it. Between having a Birchbox subscription for years and years, and being a blogger who often gets gifted skin products, I’ve tried a ton products. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever felt a cream as rich as this stuff! If this were chocolate, it would be 100% dark rich chocolate, the kind that you only need one bite of, and then your craving has passed. Hehe. I was gifted a bottle of this at the The Blog Society conference in August, and I just finished it off last week. Luckily the folks at IT Cosmetics are ON IT because they had already sent me a new bottle, coinciding with their big Sephora launch. So, spoiler alert, you can now FINALLY get IT Cosmetics at Sephora, which is AWESOME. Especially if you love your Sephora points and everything. Plus, I love reading all the reviews at Sephora.

Anyway, back to the product – I love using it especially right after doing a major exfoliation or mask. You know how your skin can feel really tight and clean right after doing a big cleansing session? I like to use a dab of this right after. And, as you may have already gathered, you don’t need much. The first few times I used it I made the mistake of using a huge dollop. That does not work with this product. It is possible to be TOO moisturized!! Lol. I remember one day my makeup wouldn’t really set because my face was so moisturized! So I’d recommend using it in the evening if you tend to be heavy-handed with creams. If you already have dry skin,  you’ll probably love this for every day use. I actually probably do use it every day too, I just don’t put on quite as much if I haven’t just done a major exfoliation that day.

Price: $48

The Downside: The jar is tiny, especially for that price tag, but keep in mind you only need a little bit.

Available at: Sephora, Amazon, Ulta


3. Balm dot com by Glossier – This is the perfect way to end this post because this is the ultimate moisturizing balm you can use head to toe girlfriend. The name says it all: this stuff is the bomb. All amazing ingredients, and it does what it promises.  I mostly use it on my lips, but you can also use on your elbows, feet, really anywhere that is feeling dry. Get the pack of 3 from Net-a-Porter with free shipping and leave one in nightstand, one at your desk, and one in your bag. You’re welcome.

PS – side note. Glossier is a start-up beauty biz that reached a cult following from it girls everywhere in no time. Go ahead and jump on the bandwagon. I’m ordering the brow fluffer next.

Price: $12

The downside: You might become addicted.

Available at: Glossier for one + 4.95 shipping, or Net-a-Porter for a pack of (3) + free shipping

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