Apps I Can’t Live Without


One thing I’ve been wanting to add to the blog is a tech / business / blogger tips / boss goals type of category. This is one area that I haven’t written much about, but I think it’s time to start! Today I’m going to start by sharing some of my must-have apps! And since it’s the last Monday of the month, I am partnering with my #MommyMonday blogger friends on this one! So make sure to go visit the blogs of Mireille at City Peach, Katie at Life With A Dash of Whimsy, Nina at The HSS Feed, and Ali at Inspired By!

Honestly, I keep my apps pretty tightly edited because I hate lots of clutter on my phone, so I really use and like all of the apps on my phone. But in the essence of time, here are some of my absolute must-haves.

  • Snapseed – Other photo editing apps come and go, but snapseed has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Even with other apps that do some of the exact same things, I still open up snapseed to do certain edits like brightening up photos or using the “selective” tool to brighten up certain areas. (Can you tell I like bright photos?) Being a blogger and social media manager, photo editing tools are very important to me!
  • My Fitness Pal – Lately I’ve been trying to log most of my meals. Once I realized you could just scan barcodes too, that blew my mind. I really like being able to hit “add yesterday’s breakfast” since I have the same coffee every day, and usually one of two breakfast meals. Super easy if I can stay on top of it!
  • Amazon – Due to the amazingness of Amazon Prime, we order everything through Amazon. The times I really find it super handy, is when I think of a random household thing we need that I have no clue where to buy. For instance, the other day I realized our pantry would be so much more organized if we had a thing to hold our broom, swiffer, etc. so I looked up “broom holder.” Is that even a thing? Yep and it arrived to my house 2 days later. All hail Amazon.
  • Podcasts – Literally this time last year I didn’t even know there was a “podcasts” app on my phone? I think it comes on all iPhones! As I’ve mentioned recently I’m obsessed with listening to girl boss podcasts now for a steady stream of inspiration, business insider info, biz tips and more. I’ll share a post soon on some of my favorite podcasts.
  • A Color Story – Another photo editing app I use almost every day. I love the “tulip” setting and “pop” setting.
  • Pinterest – Pinning from your phone is just easier than from your desktop, am I right? I use pinterest for finding inspiration for whatever project I’m currently working on, almost daily. Even if I’m not actively saving pins and curating boards every day, I like to use it as a quick google tool for lots of things.
  • Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, One Kings Lane, Net-a-Porter, Rent The Runway – Because a girl’s gotta shop.


While all the apps in the world can make life easier or help keep my business on track, nothing can bring you back down to earth like a sticky, full-of-fingerprints phone. I am obsessed with Well-Kept for keeping smudges at bay. Well-Kept is a screen cleansing towelette that you can use on your phone, laptop, sunnies, etc. I even used it to clean down my nicest camera lens the other day after it fell victim to a couple of sticky toddler fingerprints. (Ahh! Thank goodness he didn’t try to throw it!) I’m a little biased of course to Well-Kept because as you may know, I handle their social media! So make sure to go give us an instagram follow! @StayWellKept. You can grab some Well-Kept at or tons of retailers like fab’rik, Paper Source, Anthropolgie, select Sephoras, and more! You can look here for the closest retailer to you.

Also, stay tuned to instragram this evening as my blogger friends and I will be giving away a ton of Well-Kept (a year’s worth!) to one lucky follower!


What apps are you obsessed with? And how do you keep your phone clean?

Thank you for stopping by today! xo