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Abbey Glass Martha Dress / Karli Buxton Earrings and Cocktail Ring 

Just twirling into December over here!  Cue: “It’s The Most, Wonderful Time, Of The Year!!!” 

Today I’m sharing this gorgeous Abbey Glass dress that I fell in love with recently.  The second I put it on, I found myself doing a little twirl! The fabric moves and flows in such a pretty way, it’s hard not to. It even photographs well with the movement! The fit of this dress is seriously on point. I highly recommend snatching it up for holiday parties you have coming up!  You can grab it here

Speaking of twirling into December though, I seriously am SO excited for this month! No like, for real excited. Our new house is getting very close to being ready to move into! #YAYYYYYYY!  I think I’ve secretly loved agonizing over all the details (paint colors + light fixtures especially) but I will seriously be STOKED to finally see it all come together. Plus I’ve got several fun collaborations coming up with month for the blog and work. I’ve been staying up late and waking up early getting it all done, but you know you have the right job when you don’t even mind. I woke up at 5am the other day with holiday ideas for a social media client! LOL.

Also, we are headed off to Pebble Beach California next week!!! I am SO excited to explore all of Pebble Beach and Carmel. If you have any suggestions pretty pretty please leave them in the comments or email me! We’ve never been to this part of California before so we’re open to all suggestions!

So anyway, I’m thinking it’s going to be a great last month of 2016. :) Cheers!

What is everyone up to this weekend?

Thank you for stopping by today! xo

Thank you to Erin for the photos!  And thank you to the 1842 Inn for letting us shoot these photos here.