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One of my favorite beauty topics is by far, brows!  Long gone are the days of maintenance-free brows. Today I’m sharing my current brow routine and some of my favorite products. // Warning – this is a long post because apparently I’m really passionate about brows! 

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Here is a little breakdown of my current brow routine:

1. Shaping – I have a standing appointment with my favorite eyebrow guru* for a shaping & wax about every 6 or 8 weeks. I touch up any strays in between appointments with tweezers, but I try to keep my paws off as much as I can so I can keep the shape we’ve been working on. If you don’t have a local brow guru, I’d recommend the Benefit Brow bar at Ulta. I’ve had great experiences there. The first few times you go, they will map out the exact shape that is best for your face so you can give the go-ahead before they remove any hair. (They line everything up based on the dimensions of your face like this.) If you’ve never had a professional work their magic on your brow shape, you’d be surprised the difference it can make! If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can always purchase the Anastasia stencils. My friend Bekka from Palm and Peachtree first recommended these to me (and she has amazing brows!). You use them as a guide to fill in your brows, and for shaping purposes you could then tweeze everything outside of that shape. Although I do think it takes a little practice to use a stencil without it looking like you, well, used a stencil. You don’t want it to be too perfect and enter drawn-on-brows territory. Lastly, if you fall into category of too-sparse-to-shape brows, then just carry right on to step #2, or give RevitaBrow a try! (I have a tube that I got right before I found out I was expecting, and so I haven’t used it to be on the safe side but plan to give it a shot after the baby is born in a few sparse areas.)


2. Filling In – Part 2 of the brow routine is all about filling them in. Obviously the main goal is to define the shape you’ve created in step 1 while keeping it very natural looking. That being said, I think there are 2 key things to keep in mind here. a) Symmetry. There will be areas on each brow that are naturally more thick or more sparse, which is always changing as brow hairs come in or fall out. Use filler to make each side even. b) Fill in from the bottom. Don’t just start filling in the entire brow. I like to start on the bottom, underneath the brow, and let the top of the brow stay a little less perfect. I can’t remember where I first heard that tip but I know several brow gurus recommend this and through trial and error I agree! Filling in the whole brow perfectly starts to look a little too painted on for my taste, but you might have a different preference.

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ecobrow review

I’ve just started using the brand ecobrow for my filler and I’ve been loving it! You can pick it up at Sephora and it comes in 4 shades which you can alter the intensity of by how heavily you apply it. My shade is “Penelope,” but you might be a Liz, Marilyn, or Rita. (Love the shade names!) Don’t put a ton of product on your brush – you can always add more. I like the ecobrow brush because it blends really easily. Start by filling in any sparse spots to address the symmetry. Then, to really make your shape pop, fill in with light short strokes from the bottom up. You can read ecobrow’s full how-to-apply demonstration here.


3. Ready, Set! – Next I like to gel everything together with Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel.  This is her #1 selling product and with good reason – I can totally tell when I forget to use it! The shape just doesn’t look quite as done. As my friend Buffy at The Style Gathering once put it, “this stuff is like cement but in a good way.” I have to agree.

4. Highlight – Lastly, I forgot to include this in my photos, but I do think adding a little concealer or highlighter under the brow line on your brow bone helps to make everything pop. I’ve used the Chella Highlighter Pencil forever and love it, and I also just got this one but haven’t tried it out yet.



Phew! I think that is it! All products mentioned in this post can be found in the widget below.

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Product shots taken by me. Photos of me taken by JNelly Photography from a previous beauty shoot. The makeup artist seen here is the very talented Mikki Farrar.  This was not a sponsored post but thank you to Ecobrow for sending over their defining wax and defining brush for me to test out! 

*For local friends, the eyebrow guru I have used and trusted for the last couple of years is Victoria Wright at Amanda Jane Salon.

Tiffany is a Georgia based blogger, content creator, freelance marketing and social media guru, and mom to William. Currently obsessed with biz podcasts, redecorating our house, and buying way more fresh flowers than necessary.


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