How to Pack for NYC


Dress: H&M old, Boots: formerly DUO, now Ted & Muffy c/o, Scarf: Aerie c/o, Barrette: Elizabeth Heard c/o, Bag: Gucci


I remember my very first trip to NYC. I was 16, and could barely contain my excitement. I packed everything and the kitchen sink in my bag, naturally.  Fast forward to my first trip to fashion week in 2011, and not much had changed. In the last couple of years or so however, I’ve been able to really whittle down my necessities for travel, especially for NYC.  Now that we have William, if I have to go to NYC for work, I really need the trip to be as quick as possible. (Especially with breastfeeding!) Waiting for a bag at baggage claim? That’s cutting into valuable time honey. Fumbling through my bag trying to find a pair of shoes? We’ve got places to go folks! I was in town for exactly 26 hours a couple of weeks ago (shooting a new Well-Kept campaign! follow us here!), and you’d be surprised how much I managed to squeeze in.

So here are my recent thoughts on how to pack a light and efficient bag for a quick trip:

  • Bring one small roller bag, and one tote carryon. Inside the tote you can keep your laptop, camera, any other items you need handy, and one small cross body bag. Then use the cross body bag as your purse once you land, like the little red purse I’m wearing in these pics. I was able to immediately stash my roller bag and tote at the hotel and hit the ground running with my cross body bag asap.
  • Bring 3 pairs of shoes. One pair of heeled black boots, one pair of flat black boots, and one pair of fun heels. These 3 options pretty much have you covered for everything from traveling through the airport, to a fancy dinner.
  • Shh. Wear the same travel outfit twice. Will the people at the airport know? No. I packed one soft cotton black dress that I wore on both flights that paired with my black boots. Comfortable, and you’re only wearing it a few hours anyway. Saves room in your bag for other things! I also wore my favorite new Rag & Bone hat on both flights for a little airport chic moment. If you wear your hat on the flight it doesn’t take up any room in your bag!
  • Pack accessories that go with everything. I also wore this scarf with that aforementioned travel outfit, and my jewelry stayed the same with every outfit. If you want a fun accessory (and of course you do), pick something small. I brought my favorite Elizabeth Heard barrette in my little jewelry pouch because I knew it would spice up an outfit in a pinch. It ended up being just the thing I needed to spice up my last minute hair change! (I swear I only get frizzy hair in New York!)
  • Let’s be honest – you’ll want to save room for one or two statement outfit pieces. In my case, I brought a big fluffy skirt I scored at the Tibi outlet that I’ve been dying to wear. Where better place than in New York?
  • Once you pack, go back through your bag one last time and edit out anything that isn’t a concrete necessity. In my case, I had packed a couple of extra tops that I knew once I was being honest would not get worn. I also eliminated my original pjs in favor of a simple tank and shorts to save room!

That wasn’t so bad, right?

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Also check out last year’s New Year’s Eve post if you need a little inspo for Thursday! xo


Tiffany is a Georgia based blogger, content creator, freelance marketing and social media guru, and mom to William. Currently obsessed with biz podcasts, redecorating our house, and buying way more fresh flowers than necessary.



Those boots are everything!!! Such a great way to stay warm and stylish!


Black Boots are great to see and a perfect match with the dress. Overall outfit is one tremendous fashion for winter. Red bag makes the theme of modern style complted.

Rizwan naeem

Nice Article and good working i like it.

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