“Go With What You’ve Got”

Piggy-backing off of the “Simpler 2017” post from January ( go back and read it if you missed it!), I thought I’d do a check-in update on this simpler lifestyle. Lately I’ve decided I need to get better about “going with what I’ve got.”*

I’ve noticed a theme lately, where I’ve had a big FOBO. 

Fear Of Better Offer!

For me this FOBO especially comes up with 1) decorating our new house, 2) selecting outfits for important occasions, and 3) things pertaining to decisions for William.  “I like this couch we just found, but what if I find something next week that I like even more?” 

It’s hard to know sometimes when to keep looking, and when to just “go with what you’ve got.” Or in many cases, go with what you find that is available when and where you are looking

This week I’m challenging myself to make quicker decisions, instead of wasting time going back and forth between options probably way too much. 

How many times have you tried on 18 dresses only to choose the first one you tried on? Or in my case, I typically scour the internet for said dress for a certain occasion, only to end up just randomly selecting one at the very last minute based on what has the fastest shipping! Whoops!

Carefully weighing your options of course can be very important and can save you a headache later on. However I think I’ve decided lately “going with what you’ve got” sometimes can save you a headache on the front end more often than not!

What do you think? Does anyone else ever suffer from decision fatigue sometimes?

*Side note: “Go with what you’ve got” is one of my mom’s classic phrases that she always says when reminding us to just make a decision and march on!  So today’s blog post title is stolen from her. 

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Image via here and is available for purchase! Love this photographer! Note: it took me 20 minutes to decide on using this photo. This was my first choice but I had to keep scrolling to make sure I didn’t find something more perfect until I realized how ironic that was for this post! LOL  


Tiffany is a Georgia based blogger, content creator, freelance marketing and social media guru, and mom to William. Currently obsessed with biz podcasts, redecorating our house, and buying way more fresh flowers than necessary.


Wimberly Quay

As I read your post, I could actually hear your mother’s voice in my head, saying, “Go with what you’ve got!”. You made my day! I have found it is really easy to let myself overthink decisions lately and you have the right of it… if you feel a strong instinctual sense about a decision, then go with it, own it, and feel confident about it! Letting myself overthink things is easy. Giving over to my instincts to make decisions is the more difficult path!

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