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I don’t do a ton of “mom” posts around these parts, but I figured now that William is almost two,  it was time for an update. Plus, today is Mommy Monday with my girls Alex, Nina, Mireille and Katie. (You can see what I packed in my bag about a year ago here.) 

When you have a newborn, I know a lot of people leave the house with a massive bag of diapers, rattles, blankets, etc. But the nice thing about William being a little older now is that we don’t necessarily need a ton of items. There is one thing I’ve discovered recently though that is a must-bring when we go to restaurants. It might make you LOL.  We have to bring trucks or cars, preferably ones that don’t have a lovely siren noise. We try to leave those at home in his play room!  If he has a little car to play with at the table, he tends to be a lot happier and more entertained. 

We snapped these as we were headed out the door one evening to dinner after being cooped up inside with tons of rain, hence why I’m wearing boots in June! Anyway, the truth is that I actually just grabbed my every day purse and dropped it into this Birdling bag, then added several of his little cars and trucks in so he’d have some entertainment. It’s also big enough to fit his favorite blanket, which he tends to not want to leave at home!

So in summary here are the items we try to not leave home without:

  • diapers
  • at least one car or truck that doesn’t make a siren noise
  • a small snack

Don’t you love how William is cheesing it up for the camera? 

Thank you Birdling for sending these bags over for the girls and I to test out!  I’ve only had mine a few days, so I’m excited to really give it a good run this summer as we’re traveling and always on the go. It even has a little pouch that is insulated which is nice for keeping snacks. I know we will be putting that to use! 

Hope everyone has a great week! Thank you for stopping by! xo 

Tiffany is a Georgia based blogger, content creator, freelance marketing and social media guru, and mom to William. Currently obsessed with biz podcasts, redecorating our house, and buying way more fresh flowers than necessary.

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