Happy Independence Day

shirt / earrings / sunglasses 

Happy *almost* Independence Day! In this month’s Mommy Monday edition, we are so happy to share with you a recent new favorite shop of ours, Mill Street Boutique. (Thank you Mireille for introducing us to this shop!) Based in Atlanta and founded by two BFF’s who hand-pick all the goodies, Mill Street Boutique has the cutest finds. Today I’m wearing their cute navy gingham tassel top that I knew would be perfect for the fourth. I  love this gingham jumpsuit too, so fun! And this little top is so cute – love the fringe.

Anyway, definitely check them out and make sure to use code FOURTH to get 20% off through July 4th. :) And make sure to check out how Nina, Katie, Mireille and Alex styled their pieces too! PS – Katie just moved to Hawaii, and Alex is due with baby #2 next month! This Mommy Monday group is busy, busy! 

How is everyone spending their Fourth tomorrow? We have been entertaining William at Stone Mountain, (train ride – need I say more?) and tomorrow we are headed down to Sea Island for the rest of the week for a little beach time. I hope everyone has a safe holiday! Thank you for stopping by today! xo

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Photos by Erin.

PS- fun story about taking these pics: In true Tiffany form, I always look for flowers and anything blooming when I am shooting pics, since I have become obsessed with flowers the last few years. When we went to shoot in this park (Washington Park in Macon), I gave Erin the impossible task of somehow getting crepe myrtles blooming in the shot. LOL. As it turns out they were pretty much impossibly placed from where we were shooting in the shade, and yet, she somehow managed to get them in there. I think she had to stand in some crazy places to squeeze them in the background! hehe:) The blogger #struggle. But aren’t they pretty trees? Thank you Erin for somehow making this work! 


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