Come On In! // Front Door Swag


You can purchase this front door mat here. Bag here – full post on it here. Browse Bentley’s dog modeling portfolio here. ;) 

As I was looking up my front door mat to link to with the foyer post, I discovered that this shop has tons of hilarious and customizable mats. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites today. Click through below for a good laugh!
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Tip: I like the idea of putting the family name one at the front door, so it looks nice & will even help guests know they are in the right place. Then maybe one of the funny ones at the back door or in your garage so you can LOL every day. 

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Note: we’ve been using our mat for 6 months now and the print is holding up really well, it still looks brand new. It’s shielded from rain so that probably helps, but just wanted to note that the quality seems to be pretty good!! 


PS – You know you’ve been blogging too long when you write a post that you’ve already written before, and then start to have déjà vu. 

*Hi!!! Guilty.*

Awkward! I wrote a very similar post here last year which you can read here.  LOL

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