Summertime Blooms


Ok so we definitely went overboard with the amount of photos for this post, but I just couldn’t get over how pretty this little street was. I consider myself kind of a newbie to Macon still, because there are still little streets like this that I come across that I’ve never seen before! 

Erin (who shot these photos) and I tend to talk the entire time we are shooting, because it’s our only time to catch up. On this particular day we were catching up & basically squealing (loudly) over how pretty everything was that was blooming. The little white house with the American flag was especially giving us all the classic summertime feels. As we got closer, we noticed there was actually the cutest little chalkboard hanging on the front door with a hand written note in chalk. It said there was a baby inside & to please not knock or ring the doorbell. And here we had been on the sidewalk right next to the house yelling back & forth to each other our summertime plans & squealing about the pretty street! Ah! We felt terrible! Hopefully we weren’t too loud! (So, so sorry if this is your house!)


Anyway, today I just wanted to share this little tunic. It would be a great gift for a friend to get it monogrammed. I have worn mine this summer with jeans, like I did here, but also over a bathing suit at the pool. It’s such a versatile piece which is always nice.  I found it at Macon Monogramming, and the brand name is Buckhead Betties which I’m not very familiar with. But it has held up nicely and is at a good price point! (After some research I found it online here.) 

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On another completely unrelated note – I recently finally hopped on board with chatbooks. Recommended by my friend Susannah, it really is the easiest way to make photo books without a lot of hassle. William turned two a month ago and I had still yet to make an actual book of real photos! So anyway, I quickly signed up for chatbooks, “favorited” all my favorite photos of him on my iPhone, and boom- they automatically uploaded to my book. Basically the way it works is you can connect it to your “favorite” photos, or your instagram account or Facebook, and then it automatically uploads the photos into a book. Once you reach 60 photos it asks you if you’re ready to print, and you can go through and take any out that you don’t want. The best part? The books are $8. Like legit, $8. So you can include TONS of pics and keep adding volumes and not feel bad. This isn’t sponsored obviously but I did include a referral link here if you want to give it a try! Seriously the best idea. I’ve ordered 11 books now!! :) eek! 

Phew! Long post!

Thank you for stopping by!! xo 

Photos by Erin 

PS – don’t forget to enter the dress giveaway from Monday’s post! I included the rafflecopter again below here: 
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Mariann Yip

I am absolutely obsessed with your bag! Amazing blog post! I recently just posted on my blog as well. If you don’t mind, please check it out!

ashley powell

Let me know how the chatbooks turn out! I started adding pictures but was wondering about the quality. PS. seeing you twice in 1 month is life (even if the 2nd occasion was sad an I went to bed), miss you already!

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