Ikea Table Hack ($16!)

ikea hack

Today’s post is the second installment of my office renovation! You can read the first post about selecting my new paint color with Devine Color and see the before photo here.  You might notice I have new floors and paint colors now! YAY! Full reveal coming soon.

Today I wanted to share my coffee table Ikea hack! It really cracks me up that the candle and all the books on the table cost more than the whole table. This project was so easy and I highly recommend it!

lack table ikea hack

Unlike some of the other ikea hacks I’ve done, these tables are super easy to put together, and since I wanted all-white I didn’t even have to paint anything. I paid the $10 shipping because I had a couple of other small things I wanted so I figured it would be easier than trekking around Ikea anyway.

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 LACK side tables from Ikea ($7.99 each)
  • 1 Greek Key Strip from Overlays – 2″ x 95″ – 1/8″ thick ($25)
  • Glue. I used Elmer’s Wood Glue.
  • Sharp scissors. I used our new Cutco shears.
  • Optional: Glass top

lack table ikea hack

The long story short is that you’re going to glue the overlays onto the tables. It really is pretty much that simple. For those of you that like a step-by-step guide:

  1. Assemble the tables. It probably took me about 20 minutes maybe?
  2. Map out how you’d like to attach the overlay. This particular overlay is slightly wider than the edge of the table, so if that’s going to drive you crazy, this might not be the project for you. I aligned mine with the top edge of the table and the bottom of the overlay goes a teeny tiny bit over the edge but you really can’t tell. *If you want the overlay to go all the way around the table you’ll obviously want to order 2 strips instead of 1. I decided to just have the overlay on the front and back because I had never used overlays before and didn’t know if I’d love the look, and didn’t want to spend the extra $25 for another strip. 
  3. Cut the overlay into 4 strips. I used Cutco Shears to cut my overlay but I think any sharp scissors would probably work.
  4. Add a little glue, and carefully attach to side of lack tables. I used Elmer’s Wood Glue but honestly I think just about any glue would probably work?
  5. I let my tables dry overnight on their side. One glued side face down, while the opposite glued side is lying flat face up. This prevents the overlay from deciding to slowly slide off before the glue is fully adhered.
  6. Sit the tables right next to each other like I did for a unified coffee table look OR sit them a few inches apart from each other. My original plan was to sit them a few inches apart, so they stood alone as 2 tables. I loved the idea of styling them separately with their own books and knick knacks. The only reason why I ended up putting them together was because I realized I had a glass table top that would fit the top and I decided it made it look a little nicer. Which brings me to ..
  7. Optional: Add a glass table top. Full disclosure – I found a deal at Ballard Designs outlet a few years ago that was a box of 2 glass table tops for $9. Why yes please. I bought it with no plan for it but knew at some point I’d need a coffee table sized glass top. Winning.
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ikea hack lack side tables

My books: Valentino / Chanel / Grace / American Fashion 

I priced this project at $16, just the cost of the 2 tables, because I think you could achieve the same look by simply painting on a greek pattern. The overlay is nice because it adds a little depth, but I think you could get creative with painting on a cool pattern. I’m sure there is a free printable stencil somewhere online, or you could probably find a good stamp at a craft store that you could repeat all the way around. If I hadn’t left my overlay white, I probably would have done a gold. I also think a pretty navy would be fabulous in a navy and white room.

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Tiffany is a Georgia based blogger, content creator, freelance marketing and social media guru, and mom to William. Currently obsessed with biz podcasts, redecorating our house, and buying way more fresh flowers than necessary.


Catherine Okereke

Tiffany, what a fantastic diy project. The result is amazing – your whole office looks light and peaceful yet interesting!

Thank you for sharing and happy Friday!



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